Episode 11: The 80’s Prince Dedication Super Power Episode! (#KFPSuperPower)


We get all nostalgic in this episode of the show, remembering Prince Rodgers Nelson and our favorite memories from our childhood in the 80’s.  At first the Cheese is a little anti-80’s but he eventually comes around as the rest of the group reminds him how cool things really were back then!  After our trip down memory lane we CELEBRATE National Super Hero Day!  Don’t know what that is about??  Don’t worry we will tell you about it, so next year you can go out and celebrate too.  As part of our celebrations, we come up with three superpowers that we would like to have if we could engineer ourselves as a Super Hero.  Here’s a little spoiler… They aren’t all that Super, but now YOU, YES, YOU can participate in the show!  We want you to take to social media and #hashtag your three Super Powers with #KFPSuperPower.  We will take the best ones, (probably the only one) and call them out on next week’s episode before our Captain America Civil War review.  We end the show with a new segment called Nerd Week in Review.  Quick recaps of some recent things in the world of pop culture that just needed a short mention.  Thanks always for listening and don’t forget to check us out on all of our social media sites.  Links to the left!

Episode 10: MCU Discussions: The Cheese poopooing theories!!

Welcome back to our 10th Episode of the podcast!!  In this show we welcome back Broc to the show and we discuss the MCU, or for you non-nerds out there, the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  We talk about the Dr. Strange trailer that was released last week and then move into some discussions about the future of the MCU.  The directions that we think Disney/Marvel studios will take phase 4, and then some of what we would really like to see happen.  Then Justin brings the show back down to reality and craps all over Ken and Don’s theories.  We end the show moving to the Marvel Netflix universe and talk about season 2 of Dare Devil.  There aren’t too many spoilers in this one, but be careful if you haven’t finished the season yet.  Check us out on Facebook.com/KFPodcast, and our NEW twitter account @KenFredPodcast!!  As always thanks for listening!!

Episode 9 – Star Wars: The Nerd Anger Awakens

Nerd Anger-319341256

First I would like to send out a BIG thank you to all of our supporters!  We’ve surpassed 150 ‘Likes’ on our Facebook page this week and it is really exciting!

Well folks things get a little heated on the podcast tonight!!  In this episode we finally get a chance to discuss Star Wars: The Force Awakens in honor of the Blu-Ray release!  We talk about our thoughts on the film, give some predictions on Rey’s parentage and how the galaxy will be affected in Episode VIII in 2017.  We decided to keep things going in the Star Wars universe ending the show, ever so calmly, discussing the new trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the first of the Star Wars spin-off, anthology films scheduled for release later this year around Christmas.  Is our childish bickering entertaining, or just annoying??  You be the judge!  Feel free to leave comments here, on our Facebook page, or the YouTube Channel.  As always, thanks as always for listening and may the force be with you!!

Episode 8 – National Lampoon’s Driving Dead (TWD Spoilers)

Welcome back for Episode 8 of our little podcast!  Thanks again for listening and don’t forget to share with all of your friends!!  We have a packed episode  and to start, we discuss how disappointed we were with The Walking Dead season 6 finale, with SPOILERS and make our predictions for next season.  We talk about the great season starts for both the Pirates and Cubs, and Ken and Don make their annual bet on who will win the season series between the two.  Ken rants about opening day, and then we recap WrestleMania 32!  We end off the episode TWO Don stories that would be unbelievable if he hadn’t had the evidence to back them up!