KFPodcast X-Men Apocalypse Spoiler Review


Welcome back to another KFPodcast SPOILERS review!!  This time we tear apart the new Fox feature X-Men: Apocalypse with return guests Broc and Lance!  We start out the show with a basic plot overview, then each of us talk briefly about our thoughts on the movie with no spoilers.  Then at the 12 minute mark we take the gloves off and unleash the SPOILERS!!  Thanks for listening!

KFPodcast Special #3 – X-men Apocalypse Preview


For the third mid-week special edition of the KFPodcast we are talking all about the new movie X-Men Apocalypse!  Perry ended up sticking around after alot of indecision to help us breakdown what we think is gonna happen this weekend.  Check out the 80’s themed commercial that fox has released if you want a good laugh.  We cover what we think the main plot of the movie is going to be, how big will the Wolverine cameo be, and who is not going to make it out alive.  We start some speculation on where the universe is going to go from here.  How does fox move forward with the X-Men and will the Fantastic Four be involved.  Stay tuned the review show will be up online this weekend with the whole crew back to review and spoil everything.  Thanks as always for listening!!

Episode 14: The KFP Music EXTRAVAGANZA!!!


Welcome back for the 14th episode of our show!!  We decided to dedicate an entire show to our love of music.  Our fandom is not one dimensional folks!!  To do that properly we invited Perry back to the show to add a little extra variety.  Kicking off our ode to music, we get personal with each member of the team talking about their favorite genres of music, and if any of us have played any instruments.  After the appropriate amount of personal attacks, we take a trip down memory lane and talk about concert memories, the good and the bad.  To finish out the show we have another #KFPTopFive of our all time favorite albums.  The albums you can just start with track one and not touch a thing until repeat at the end.    We hope you enjoy the show and think back on your favorite music!  Stay tuned for another KFP Special episode coming in a couple of days with our predictions for X-Men Apocalypse coming this week!  Next week’s episode we will have the whole movie review panel back together to dissect the movie and provide you with our feedback and ratings!!  As always thanks for listening, and don’t forget to invite your friends to our facebook page at facebook.com/KFPodcast!!

Special MidWeek Edition: The Cheese FAILS at Editing

Welcome back to another midweek show!  The Cheese experienced some technical difficulties during the editing process for this one, so we ended up losing the intro and some of the early banter.  We did not lose the Don story that we promised you!!  We also give a short update on what has been going on with Game of Thrones, spoilers if you aren’t caught up, and talk about Supergirl moving from CBS over to the CW to join Flash, The Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow.  Thank you for listening, liking, sharing, and being part of this adventure with us!!  There is more craziness to come!!

Episode 13 – KFP Sports Spectacular (Nerds on Sports)

Assorted sports equipment on a white background

In this 13th Episode of our show we decided to take a bit of a break from our usual topics and concentrate on Sports!!  Starting with hockey playoff talk, we transition into sports memories from our childhood days, and talk about times we got to meet some pro athletes.  We do another #KFPTopFive tonight with our favorite athletes of all time.  Also in this episode Don decided to use some different “Cheese” themed nicknames throughout the show, so see if you can keep count!!  Thanks as always for listening, and keep your eyes out for another special mid-week podcast coming later in the week!!


Episode 12 – Captain America: Civil War Review **SPOILERS**


In this 12th episode of our show we had to bring in a few friends to help us review Civil War!  We welcome back Lance and Broc to the show and for his podcast debut Perry!  For the first 10 minutes of the show we provide our thoughts on Civil War without any spoilers.  Then the rest of the show we get dive into the deep end and give our thoughts on the movie with all the SPOILERS.  If you have not seen the movie and do not want to know any details about what goes on, just stop at the 10 minute mark and come back after you have seen the movie.  Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us, and share the show with your friends!  Sharing is caring people!!  Thanks for listening!!

Special Episode – Captain America Civil War Predictions & Expectations


In this SPECIAL midweek episode of the podcast we discuss our predictions and some expectations for Captain America Civil War being released this Friday, May 6th.  I think it is safe to say we are all looking forward to this movie, but how will it live up to expectations?  Will it destroy the box office on opening weekend?  Luckily, we only have a couple of days before we find out!  Look for Episode 12 coming this weekend where we will break down the movie, and give our in depth impressions with a few friends!  Remember to check out our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.  #KFPSuperPower is still going so don’t forget to tweet at us with your Super Power combos!  Thanks as always for listening!!