Episode 29: Pokemon GO!


In this episode of the show the team brings back Lance and Broc to help explain the phenomenon that is Pokemon GO!  Everyone at the table has picked up on the new game accept for Don, so of course he provides a healthy dose of skepticism to the whole situation.  The one thing we all do agree on though is, we can’t understand why so many people want to hate on this innocent game?  It brings people together, gets people outside and moving around and provides some fun in a time when we can all use a little fun.  Thanks as always for listening, and don’t forget to share, invite your friends and subscribe to the YouTube channel.

Episode 28: GhostBusters 2016 Movie Review


Welcome back to Episode 28!  This time we are reviewing the GhostBusters reboot with some friends.  Broc, Lance and Perry join us to give our thoughts and break down the new movie.  If you haven’t been out to see it yet, be warned there are spoilers!  Thanks for listening as always, and don’t forget to share, like and invite your friends.  If you haven’t yet subscribed to the YouTube channel, WHY NOT???  Hit that subscribe button to get notified first for all of our new content.

KFP Game Night #1


Welcome to the first ever edition of KFP Game Night!  This episode is hosted by the man himself KEN FREDERICK!  Pitting Don “Bald Jesus” Biordi against Justin “The Cheese” Christjohn in a classic game of Paxton vs. Pullman.  Have you seen Epic Rap Battles of History???  Well… this is completely different so it doesn’t matter!  This epic battle has our two heroes trying to keep the careers of everyone’s favorite “Bills” separate in trivia style game play.  Come join us to see who knows the most and takes home all of the glory!  As always thanks for listening!  Don’t forget to give us a like on Facebook and invite your friends to the page.  Also, check out the YouTube channel for more than just audio to pass some time and while you’re there hit that subscribe button to keep up to date with all of our newest stuff!

Episode 27: KFP B-Movie Review of Avengers Grimm


In this episode of the show we decided to try something new to bring a little variety to the channel.  The new segment will be KFP B Movie Reviews, where we will pick a random B movie from Netflix watch and review it.  For the first edition of this we decided to go with Avengers Grimm.  Spoiler alert… It is horrible.  Almost unwatchable.  But lucky for you not unwatchable enough for us to watch it and spend 20 minutes breaking it down!  Our pain for you benefit!  Reach out to us with some suggestions for future reviews.  What kind of horrible movie can you come up with to torture us?  Thanks as always for listening!  Don’t forget to invite your friends, and if you haven’t already subscribe to the YouTube channel!

Episode 26: Marvel… Now???

marvel Now

In this episode of the show we discuss the upcoming Marvel comics universe relaunch, Marvel NOW!  What is Marvel NOW you ask, listen to find out.  We also discuss the new status quo for characters in the universe along with the notable missing characters going forward.  We talk about a couple of the new books that were announced and then compare this new direction to the latest DC Rebirth relaunch event.  Are you reading either of the new lines?  Let us know what you think!!  Thanks for listening and don’t forget to share, like, invite your friends and subscribe to the YouTube channel for more!

Episode 25: Game of Thrones Season 7 Predictions


Welcome back to the second part of our Game of Thrones themed shows!  In this episode we share our “expert” opinions on what is coming to the land of Westeros next season and beyond after the fall out from the events of season 6.  How will the Knight King breach the wall?  Will Jon and Daenerys meet and form an alliance?  All these questions and more will be discussed in this exciting episode of the Ken Frederick Podcast!  Thanks for listening, and don’t forget to invite your friends, share and like the page and subscribe for more on YouTube!

Episode 24: Game of Thrones Season 6 Recap!!

GoT logo

Time to talk some Game of Thrones folks!  In this episode of the show we break down all of season six for you.  We start out with the basics by going over the beginning of the season.  Then expand on the episodes that REALLY matter, The Battle of the Bastards, and The Winds of Winter.  If you are fan of the show join us to relive the best moments of the sixth season of Game of Thrones.  Thanks as always for listening, and don’t forget to invite your friends, and subscribe to the YouTube channel.