KFP Short #8: Coming Soon – SUPER FIGHTS!!!

Welcome to another KFP Short!  In this short episode we talk about a new segment coming to the channel, SUPER FIGHTS!!  This is a table top card game where you draw cards to create a champion with two attributes.  Then you argue how your champion would crush that of your opponent while the onlookers vote for the winner.  The more absurd your argument, the better your chances!!  We’ll be doing a number of videos in the coming weeks showing the battles of the team.  If you like them, let us know and we’ll invite some of our guests back to take part in the madness!!  Thanks as always for listening!  Don’t forget to check us out on social media, and the YouTube channel for all of our content.  Also, do us a favor and get your friends to subscribe!  We are very close to our goals and need your help!!  Thanks!!

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