Welcome to the Guilty Pleasures edition of the Ken Frederick Podcast!  Yes, Guilty Pleasures!  You know what we are talking about…  The stuff you like, or things you do behind closed doors that only those closest to you know about.  No not that kind of stuff you perv!!  Get your mind out of the gutter!  We are talking about stuff like “Celebrating the entire Taylor Swift music collection”, or lying to friends and family just so you can make that run to the boarder and chow down on some Taco Bell, or pull all the blinds at home and watch YouTube daily Vloggers talk about their daily lives for hours on end.  The embarrassing stuff that you don’t really tell new people you meet, but everyone of your close friends knows about and makes fun of you for.  So share your guilty pleasures with us and join in the fun as we expose our secrets to the interwebs!  Thanks as always for listening, and don’t forget to check us out on social media.  Then, head over to the YouTube channel and if you haven’t already, hit that subscribe button.  Come on, you know that this podcast is one of your guilty pleasures, so do us a favor and hit that big red button!!  While you’re at it, share it with friends too!!

Welcome back to another episode of the Ken Frederick Podcast!   In this episode we revisit Pokemon Go!  Since the update in February the team has been playing more and more so we figured it was time to update you all on the new features and fun it has.  80 new Pokemon have been added along with many new cool features and game play changes.  Are you a Pokemon Go player?  What are  your favorite new things about the update?  Spend half an hour with us to hear what we think makes the game great and what we think Niantic might have in store in the coming months!  Also, in exciting podcast news, we have some new equipment that we hope will eventually bring you better quality audio so please bear with while we take a few shows to get things dialed in.  Thanks as always for listening and don’t forget to check out all of our social media pages and then head over to the YouTube channel and hit that Subscribe button!

Welcome back to another episode of the Ken Frederick Podcast!  Summer blockbuster season has already started and getting ready to ramp up even further in the next few weeks so we decided to take a look at some of the new trailers that have recently been released and do what we do best, argue about them!!  Then to end the show we talk briefly about a couple of other pieces of recent news in the comic book movie world.  To start, we look at the new Justice League Trailer (November 17th), then we look at the first full length trailer for Thor Ragnarok (November 3rd), then we get to the final trailer for Transformers the Last Knight.  Have you seen them?  What are your thoughts?  Did these trailers make you more or less interested in heading out the theaters opening weekend??  Let us know your thoughts!!  Now, head over to all of our social media pages, and interact with us!!  Share and like our posts!!  Then go to YouTube and hit that SUBSCRIBE button, it’s free, and it will make the world a better place!!  Thanks as always for listening!!!


Welcome back to another KFP Short episode!!  This time the Cheese tells us all about his concert event birthday weekend!  Just a short drive to Columbia, MD at the Merriweather Post Pavilion, I was able to finally see Deadmau5 live in concert!  I’ve been a fan for a long time and since the electronic music scene in Pittsburgh is lacking… this was the first opportunity I really had to see him.  The concert opened with a guy named FeedMe, who put on a pretty good show for a less than packed house, then the main event started with one of my favorite tracks, Imaginary Friends!  Despite a couple of technical difficulties during the show, it was amazing and I had a fantastic time.  Come listen to me tell a little more of the story and hear the other guys make fun of my taste in music!  thanks as always for listening!  Don’t forget to check us out on social media to keep up with everything we are donig!  Also, head on over to the YouTube channel to check out our other videos and hit that subscribe button!

Welcome back to another episode of the Ken Frederick Podcast!  In this episode we play with some new equipment, trying to bring you our listeners better, higher quality content!  Once that part is over, we start talking about The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale.  I’ll be honest, this season was hard to get through.  The Finale episode had some good moments, but the build up and the story of how they got there was a long and tedious one.  We lost Ken on this journey, he tapped out and gave up, The Cheese barely hung in there by reading episode synopsis and watching the final episode.  Don and Broc held it down and watched every episode.  How much longer can they hold on???  What did you think of the second half of season 7??  Are you still an avid fan??  Let us know what you thought in the comments below!  Don’t forget to check us out on all of our social media pages!  Then head on over to the YouTube channel and hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already.  It really helps us out knowing we are reaching people!  Thanks as always for listening!!

(I call this one, Crazy Blue Butterfly Girls are Too Close to us in the Summer)

Welcome back to another episode of the Ken Frederick Podcast!!  In this episode we bring you a new topic from our “Strange” series.  This time it is Strange Music, ODD songs.  You know the type; the songs that are about really dirty topics, but you heard them played on the radio 1000 times.  Or the ones with lyrics that just don’t make any sense??  Go listen to the classic Christmas song ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside’, really listen to the lyrics, go ahead we’ll wait…  See what I mean?!?!?!  For this episode each of the guys chose a song that was Odd to them, and magically they all came from a 3 year time span, in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.  Effiel 65’s Blue (Dabadee), Crazytown’s Butterflies, LFO’s Summer Girls, and finally the greatest song of the bunch, Too Close, by none other than Next.  So come relive the late 90’s with us and laugh at some of the horrible lyrics we’ve uncovered.  Share some great ‘ODD’ songs of your own in the comments section and maybe we’ll revisit this topic with a whole new batch of great messed up lyrics.  Thanks as always for listening!  Don’t forget to head over to all of our social media pages, and then check out the YouTube Channel for our weekly content.

Welcome back to another episode of the Ken Frederick Podcast!!  It has been a bit since we uploaded so thanks for sticking around and waiting for us!  In this episode we give a full recap of this year’s spectacular event.  We all got together to watch the insanely long show, all 7 and a half hours of it!!  The Cheese even came to hang out made it through the entire show!  What were some of the big surprises??  Any major let downs??  Did you watch??  Share your thoughts with us on all of our social media platforms and don’t forget to head over to the YouTube Channel and stay up to date with all of our content.  Thanks as always for listening!!

Welcome back to another episode of the Ken Frederick Podcast!  In this specifically named episode we are talking about… You guessed it!  The changes to the Comic book movie schedule and all of the new updates!  What looks best on the schedule?  What can’t we wait for?  What looks terrible?  Between us, The Cheese is most excited for Untitled Fox Marvel Film #3, but Don and Ken disagree and think that Untitled Fox Marvel Film #2 is going to be the best.  Lance is betting on Shazam!?!?!  hahaha  Thanks as always for listening!!  Don’t forget to connect with us on Social Media and head over to the YouTube Channel and hit that subscribe button. IT’S FREE!!  It really helps us out and gets you some free weekly entertainment.