Welcome back to another episode of KFP Bracket Battles!!  In this episode we are moving onto the Marvel West group and we have some big time fights ready for you.  Combatants from all corners of the Marvel Universe from cosmic heroes, to mutants, a couple of Avengers, and the King of the Inhumans.  We had one planned upset to balance out the bracket, but the rest of these fights were argued passionately by the team and we hope you will agree the best character was victorious and moved onto the final 4.  Take a listen and comment with your thoughts.  Were we completely off base or right on the money with our picks!  Thanks as always for listening!!  Don’t forget to check us out on social media and then head on over to the YouTube channel and hit that subscribe button.  It is FREE and it really helps us out!!

Welcome back to another episode of the Ken Frederick Podcast!  In this episode we talk about the Penguins back to back Stanley Cup win, and the Warriors taking their second NBA Championship from the Cavilers in the last 3 years.  Did you watch any of either series?  What are your thoughts on some of the controversies that happened during both series?  Do you even care about sports???  As always, thanks for listening and keeping us going!  Head on over to the social media pages and share with all your friends.  If you are new here head over to the YouTube channel and hit that big red subscribe button, it really helps us out!!


Welcome back to another Episode of the Ken Frederick Podcast!  The normal cast of characters, plus Lance just got done watching the new Universal Pictures “Dark Universe” film, The Mummy!  So we are doing what we always do and reviewing it!  We are following our normal format with some non-spoiler thoughts first, then we dive in and talk about everything as if you had seen the movie with us!  So if you don’t want to know what happens to Tom Cruise’s, Nick Morton character before you have a chance to see the movie, then stop now!!
The film opens by giving us some back story regarding how The Mummy got her powers and why she was buried in that crypt in the first place.  We then come back to modern times and hook up with Nick Morton, a military long range reconnaissance officer who likes to steal antiquities while he is on the job.  The film then takes us through the motions of finding our long “dead” Mummy, meeting Nick’s one night stand turned love interest, Dr. Henry Jekyll, and a host of corpses brought back from the dead to try and ruin Nick’s day.
The team was almost evenly divided on this one, but it may surprise you who was a fan and who was not.  Check us out on social media, and then head over to the YouTube channel and don’t forget the share this with all of your friends!!  Thanks as always for listening!!

Welcome back to another KFP Movie Review!  This time the team went out and caught the open night preview of Wonder Woman!  The whole movie review crew is with us, Don, Ken, Broc, The Cheese, and Lance.  As usual we give our initial impressions, then dive into the details and spoil all the secrets of the film.  If you haven’t seen the film yet, and you are worried about having any part of the movie spoiled for you, then stop now or don’t blame us.  You have been warned!  Overall, the feelings were pretty positive from the group, with one or two aspects that also bothered us pretty much the same.  So if you’ve seen Wonder Woman and want to hear us talk about it!  Hit that button below!  Thanks as always for listening!  Don’t forget to head out to all of our social media pages, linked to the left!  Also, head over to the YouTube channel and hit that subscribe button!  The support really helps us out no matter where you listen!!