KFP Bracket Battles #4: DC West

Welcome back to Round 4 of the KFP Bracket Battles tournament!!  In this round we see the contenders from the DC West Bracket.  We had some big time power players in this round and the discussion gets a little heated at times, but we think the best fighter ultimately came out on top.  These fighters were drawn from some of the greatest teams in DC history, including Dr Fate from the Justice Society of America, and Hal Jordan from the Justice League.  We also get a few of the younger members of the DC Universe with Zatana, Raven and Cyborg both coming in from the Teen Titans.  We even drag Plastic Man back into the light and feature him in one of our battles.  So listen in and cast your votes for who you think would have come out on top!!  Thanks as always for listening and don’t forget to check us out on social media!!  Then head over to the YouTube channel with the link to your left and hit that subscribe button if you are new here, it really helps us out!!

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