KFP Special #16 – Somos Todos Super Amigos!

Welcome back to another KFP Special! So we discovered this video on Facebook and found it to be hilarious! It is from Brazil in the late 70’s and it is staring a group know as The Super Herois! Who dressed as popular super heroes and performed fun songs on children shows and other variety shows. The members of the group included: Superman Batman Robin Spiderman Thor Kung-Fu (Just a random guy named KUng-Fu) And Wonder Woman who for some reason never gets an into or a mention in the whole song. Their only hit that we know of was this song called Somos Todos Super Amigos! Which means We Are All Super Friends! This song was very popular with kids and adults at that time in the 70’s and into the 80’s and we are so glad that we found it cause it is fantastic! So sit back and enjoy it and our comments on it as we can’t get enough of it! Let us know what you think about it? Thanks for watching and please check us out on our other social media sites!

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