KFP 105: Amalgam Comics (Marvel/DC) Revisited

Welcome back to another episode of the Ken Frederick podcast!  In this episode we make fun of how Ken pronounces AMALGAM or as he says it… AMAGLAM!!!  Boom right off the bat and unscripted!!  Anyway, if you aren’t familiar with the Marvel/DC partnership in 1996, we’ll explain it for you!  This is the kind of thing that we will probably NEVER see again, because it would require both Disney (parent company of Marvel Comics), and Warner Bros (parent company of DC Comics) to work together on a project.  This event continued the 4 issue story arc of Marvel vs DC and took so of your favorite characters from both companies and combined them into new characters.  Some of the cooler combinations were characters like Dark Claw, a Batman & Wolverine hybrid, and Iron Lantern, combining Ironman and Hal Jordan Green Lantern.  One of the team’s favorites was Hyena, the villain made of The Joker and Sabertooth.  After seeing what Marvel and DC writers could come up with, we decided to try and make some of our own, but to find out who we made you are going to have to listen to the show!  Have you read this story arc?  Who were some of your favorites?  Thanks as always for listening!  Don’t forget to check us out on SoundCloud for our weekly update shows!  Also, look for updates on all of our Social media sites, and if you haven’t already hit that subscribe button on the YouTube channel!!  Cheers!

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