KFP 110: Justice League Movie Review

Welcome back to another KFP Movie review show!  For this episode we went out to see the DCEU film, The Justice League.  After the death of Superman, Bruce Wayne decides to find other meta humans to join him in protecting the earth from any threat that may come.  He teams up with Wonder Woman and together they find a young speedster named Barry Allen, The King of Atlantis named Authur Curry, and a Cyborg named Victor Stone.  Together they battle an ancient evil trying to remake earth in the image of his home world Apokolips.
We somehow convinced a whole crew of people to come back and review it with us for a little more color commentary than usual.  Have you seen it yet?  Are you worried about low critic ratings?  We think you should go check it out, then come listen to our show about it!  Thanks as always for listening!!  Don’t forget to check us out on all of our social media pages, hit that subscribe button on YouTube, and follow the SoundCloud page for fresh new content EVERY WEEK!!!

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