In this 2nd episode of our podcast… I know right I can’t believe we made it either!!  Ken and Don make fun of Justin for being alone on Valentine’s Day, we also talk about the merc with the mouth Deadpool and his movie that broke records over the Valentine’s day weekend.  We round out the show settling bets on the Superbowl predictions and then spoiling the crap out of the mid-season premier of The Walking Dead.  Enjoy and leave us your feedback!!


Well folks here is Episode 1 of our podcast.  Here we introduce ourselves.  Then we go and ramble on about our expectations for Deadpool, make Superbowl predictions, Superbowl commercials, and Don tells a story about an “incident” at his office.  This is just 3 friends recording the nonsense we talk about on Thursday nights at the comic book store.

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