Episode 7 – Batman v Superman Spoiler Filled Review


In this special episode we SPOIL the crap out of the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, and with a movie this big we had to bring in some friends to help!  Lance makes his triumphant return, we introduce our friend Broc, and the Lois Lane to Ken’s Superman, Mindy, rounds out our little group to bring a little contrast to our “Fanboying”!  I want to repeat, this is a ** SPOILER** heavy review of the movie and we drop major plot points early in the show.  If you have not seen Batman v Superman yet, you should not be listening to this show.  I don’t want to see any negative comments saying we spoiled the movie for you, because you have been warned of the spoilers!!  Spoilers…

Episode 6 – Pre “Don Day” conversations

In this shorter episode of the podcast we talk about our NCAA  Tournament wager, Don explains “Don Day” then we get into our normal topics.  A couple of new trailers hit the web, one for Seth Rogen’s new animated feature Sausage Party, and the second full trailer for X-men Age of Apocalypse.  We talk about our expectations for Batman v. Superman which is coming out NEXT WEEK!!  We hope you enjoy!!

Episode 5 – Trailer Talk and Other Shenanigans

On this episode of the show we talk about the new Captain America Civil War trailer with the debut of Spiderman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  We talk a little bit about the Game of Thrones season 6 teaser that came out and then we break down our favorite X-men characters.  We finish out the hour talking about some NFL free agency moves and Don tells us a story about another one of his awkward public encounters.  Thanks again for listening!!

Episode 4 – Our First Special Guest!!

We’ve listened to some feedback and cut down the time in this new episode, but still managed to argue about a wide range of topics.  Tonight, we welcome Lance to the podcast so Justin finally has someone who agrees with him. We give a brief recap of the Oscars, and spoil the end of Jessica Jones for Lance.  Then Ken recommends a couple of Netflix shows, Danger 5 and Kung Fury, and rants about the greatest emo albums of all time.  We break down the new Ghostbusters trailer and calmly discuss the benefits of assigned theater seating.  Chime in on all of our topics in the comments below!  We would love to hear from you about our topics or the show in general!  Thanks again for listening!