Episode 94: Back to Basics

Welcome back to another episode of the Ken Frederick Podcast!  In this episode we get back to basics, back to how we started the show.  Just four guys BSing about a few random topics and recording it.  In this episode we  talk about the Black Panther full trailer, the new Inhumans teaser trailer, and the new Marvel comics direction Marvel Legacy.  After comics, we move into tv and talk about the Game of Thrones season 7 trailer, the new Netflix series GLOW and finally some personal stuff from each of the team to close out the show.  This format is where we started and we are bringing it back!  We have some new things coming very soon including a new outlet to consume our content.  More to come on that later!!  Thanks as always for listening!!  Don’t forget to check us out on social media!  Then head on over to the YouTube channel and hit that subscribe button!  It’s free and really helps us out!

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