KFP 107: Justice League Movie Predictions

Welcome back to another episode of the Ken Frederick Podcast!!  In this episode, we are giving you some of our thoughts and predictions on the upcoming DCEU film Justice League!  We introduce the show, then dive right into a clip.  Then we talk about it a little bit.  Then we’re going to give you another little peak, this time at the mysterious scene with Alfred greeting an unknown character in the Bat Cave.  WHO COULD IT BE???  We give you our opinions, but we all know those don’t count.  What do you think??  Let us know in the comments section below.  As always thanks for listening and if you stumbled across this site, check out the links to all of our social media pages.  Hit that big RED subscribe button and tell your friends about us!  Then head over to SoundCloud and look for our page where we publish a new show every Friday.  Uncut, uncensored, and in your face!!  Cheers!!

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